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Laser X selected and exclusively utilizes Oxygen Botanicals™ in their Cellulite Reduction and Facial Rejuvenation treatments. There are hundreds of excellent skin care and body care lines to choose from, however, after lengthy and exhaustive research, Laser X emphatically chose Oxygen Botanicals™ for premiere skin care for our clients. Please read on we are quite sure the information provided will be educational and might change the way you see your skin!


Did you know? Up to half the oxygen content in our skin can be lost by the age of 25. As we age, our skin becomes less efficent at renewing itself during resulting slower cellular metabolism, the reduction of collagen and elastim content, and the appearance of fine lines and discolorations. The external effects of sun exposure, air pollution, diet and day-to-day stress can make skin look dull and dry. Oxygen
can heal, soothe, protect and help reverse the damage done by natural aging and the elements. Breathe new life into your skin with Oxygen Botanicals.


Why are Oxygen Botanicals products different?


- Oxygen Botanicals products use a propietary method to encapsulate and stabilize
  pure oxygen into catezomes.
- Oxygen Botanicals products do not contain any hydrogen peroxide that can dry
   the skin and bleach hair.
- Oxygen Botanicals products are scientifically formulated to time release the
  oxygen complex into the epidermal layer, providing continuous rejuvenating oxygen
  and nutrients to the skin. The result is more supple and healthy skin.
- Oxygen Botanicals formulations contain a wide variety of healing and regenerative
  botanicals to enrich this lifeline of oxygen infused products.
- Oyxgen Botanicals include essential extracts such as Linden, Soybean, Ginseng,
  Chamomile, and Aloe Vera that provide additional rejuvenating and healing propiertes.
- Oxygen Botanicals formulations also contain Vitamins A,B3,B8,C,E,F & K for
  moisturizing and anti-oxidant propiertes.
- Oxygen Botanicals are prescribed and sold only by professionals.





  • - Cleansers and Toners
  • - Day Creams and Night Creams
  • - Eye Treatments
  • - Specialty Serums-Retail
  • - Weekly Treatments and Masks
  • - Sun Protection
  • - Slimming and Firming Creams
  • - Men's Collection
  • - Products for Professional Use Only






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